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NYLONPLUG (100 pcs)

NYLONPLUG (100 pcs)

Nylon plug

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Plastic plugs for light loads (secondary fixings)
High-quality polyamide (nylon)
Does not contain halogen and silicone
Temperature resistant from -40 ° C to +80 ° C
The hammer stop prevents premature expansion during the push-through installation
The rotation lock prevents rotation in the drill hole
Plug neck without expansion pressure prevents damage to plaster and tiles
Push-through and split pin mounting
We recommend the ASSY-D plug / screw for mounting
Drill hollow brick with a rotary drill (without impact mechanism)
Drilling dust must be removed from the borehole
Screw length = mounting thickness (+ plaster / insulation thickness) + plug length + screw diameter

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100 pcs, 4800 pcs

Plug diameter

6 mm

Plug length (I)

30 mm

Installation depth (h nom)

30 mm

Nominal drill diameter (d 0)

6 mm

Wood screw diameter

3,5 – 5 mm

Chipboard screw diameter

5 mm

Installation depth (h s)

30 mm

Center distance (a)

60 mm

Edge distance (a r)

30 mm

Drill hole depth (t)

40 mm

Max. mounting height (d a)

Depending on screw length

Required screw length (l s)

Thickness of part to be assembled (+ plaster / insulation thickness) + dowel length + screw diameter

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